symbiotes are a race of a genetic alien life form from a alien planet in a comic book universe called the marvel universe

Screenshot 2017-08-26-23-37-13-1

Similarities to Slenderman Edit

Selective invisibility

The ability to change height and shape Edit

The ability to shape its arm into tentacles

And/or the ability to make tentacles come from his shoulders or back to be used as additional legs or or arms (or simply strike fear into there opponents)

Both can create offsprings to do there work slenderman can create proxies why the symbiote can create duplicates of them self if they have enough host

They both cause strange behavior in people

And may have been a big inspiration for the slenderman character

Differences from Slenderman Edit

They symiote if more vicious and acts more like a wild animal and wasn't created by the internet and doesn't cause strange behavior in cameras and is no where near supernatural nore eternal

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