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Slenderman was added into the Board game Kingdom Death: Monster as of the Post Kick-Starter Expansions of 2012.

Description of Buying Expansion Edit

The Slenderman is a dark, cold hole in the memories of the few that have seen it and lived. Within this chilling gap of recollection, terror thrives, growing into panic and jumbled tales of warning. Facing the Slenderman tests the teamwork and sanity of the survivors that face it. The monster's movements are unpredictable, and it will often vanish from the board, leaving the team to carefully coordinate their actions to bring down their foe.

Slenderman's rewards are as alien as the monster itself. Strange substances from the Slenderman's domain will need careful research before they're put to use. 

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Slenderman sprues (includes survivor gear and the Slenderman Monster)
  • 26x Gear cards
  • 34x Slenderman AI cards
  • 18x Slenderman HL
  • 6x Strange Resource cards
  • 2x Disorder cards
  • 2x Fighting Art cards
  • 1x Secret Fighting Art card
  • 1x Innovation card
  • 2x Settlement Event cards
  • 2x Slenderman card dividers