Shadow People were stated by Victor Surge in an interview to be one of the influences when creating Slender Man.


An urban legend, phenomenon, and the influence of many works of fiction, Shadow People are exactly what they sound like; living shadows. However, there is variation in sightings on whether they are flat like shadows, three dimensional, or able to shift between the two.

Tales also vary regarding whether they are able to interact with regular people,  when in tales where they are, the results are typically are unpleasant, as they will stalk their victims, similarly to Slender Man, and sometimes attack or attempt to abduct their victims.

There have been multiple sightings of these creatures.

Some argue that shadow creatures, who are often seen beside one's bed, are guardian angels of sorts, while others argue them to be evil. Some believe it depends on the shadow person.

It is unknown whether they are a type of demon, type of ghost, or being all their own. Some believe them to have leaked from another dimension. No one is certain.

Hat ManEdit


The Hat Man, one of the most common (and most famous) shadow people. What makes him notable is how almost every account of him is nearly identical.

The Hat Man is considered to be one of the more enigmatic types of Shadow People. He is easily the most common Shadow Person to be reported, as people from all over the world have claimed that they have encountered him.


He wears a wide-brimmed fedora (or other wide-brimmed hat) and is sometimes seen wearing an old business suit, cape, or trench coat. His eyes can either be solid black or red. He is sometimes reported to have facial hair, other times reported to be clean shaven.

Sometimes he is reported to have no face at all, similarly to Slenderman.

Unlike most shadow people, he is overwhelmingly described as being solid rather than a mist or a flat shadow.


Those who encounter him report feelings of dread and paralysis. He appears to show curiosity towards witnesses. Some even go as far as to claim him to be the Devil. There is one story of a man who had attempted suicide waking up the hospital to see the Hat Man, who then said, "I almost had you."

He seems to appear in more hostile environments, and appears to take pleasure in causing terror. Some witnesses claim to feel he is feeding off of them and/or their fear, leading many to believe him to be more malicious than most other Shadow People.

Other Shadow PeopleEdit

Commonly seen ones are listed below.

  • Humanoid Shadow People are the usual form seen, usually attributed as male.
  • The Hooded Figure is often described as a monk due to the black cloak they seem to be wearing. Those who encounter this type of Shadow Person report feeling that the being is enraged.
  • Black Smoke/Mist People often are simply blurry and don't appear to have much of a form. They often cause overwhelming dread and malevolence, even more so than Hat Man and most other varieties of shadow people.
  • Shadow Animals have also been reported, but are much less common.
  • The Peeking Shadow is roughly child sized, and merely peeks around corners. They appear to be curious, like many other Shadow People.
  • The Red Eyed Shadow is considered one of the most frightening versions of a shadow person. They, as their name implies, possess glowing red eyes, and witnesses often describe them as feeling like an embodiment of evil.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

The following are usually given as possible explanations for Shadow People:


  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Symptoms of mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia
  • A method for our brain to keep us aware and alert
  • Certain areas of the brain being stimulated


  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Manifestation of a parallel universe
  • Guardians


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Disneyland's shadow character

  • Shadow People are often reported by Hospital Staff. They are considered bad omens in hospitals.
  • As they have been reported since earliest known recorded history, they are one of the oldest supernatural beings to have been sighted.
  • Eerily, they have often been sighted in large groups by men and women who are dying, or near someone who is dying.
  • Disney's Haunted Mansion ride once featured a Shadow character playing the piano.
  • The Nightlanders, a group of shadow-like creatures from The Fear Mythos, were heavily inspired by and share many traits with Shadow People.



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