Proxies rouge by lazycatlady-d7a729g

Rouge without her mask, drawn by LazyCatLady

Rouge (real name: Heather Marshall) is a Proxy of the Slender Man from the creepypasta Don't look up, written by LazyCatLady.


Heather Marshall slowly lost her humanity after a miscarriage followed by the death of her fiancé in a car accident. She ran away from her home several years after this incident when her doctors threatened to put her in an asylum when they discovered she was cutting herself for fun; or so they thought. In actuality, she simply lost interest in people and became antisocial after the tragedy. She currently lives deep in the woods as one of Slender Man’s Proxies.


Rouge is very caring towards other Proxies, viewing them as her young since she never got the chance to be the mother she wanted to be. She often acts as an older sisterly or motherly figure to younger proxies like Ticci-Toby. She is completely obedient towards the Slender Man and takes pride in what she does because of her sadistic nature. While she won't attack strangers unless provoked, she is very aggressive towards them.

She uses her gloves to climb trees, stalking her victim and striking from above, pinning them and claws out their face. She is quite clever and toys around with her victim before going in for the final blow. When she isn’t killing or "babysitting", she’ll be scouting the area for new intruders on tree branches.