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Nergal is a supporting character from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He is a neurotic demon from the Center of the Earth who often seeks friendship from surface dwellers, but is typically unsuccessful. Nergal later married Billy's Aunt Sis. After a string of unsuccessful attempts to woo Sis, it was Billy's backfired attempt to sabotage Nergal's and Sis' date that won Sis over, thus making Nergal Billy's maternal uncle by marriage. Nergal has one son, named "Nergal Jr."

Nergal has a variety of abilities, such as shapeshifting into any shape and form he desires, possessing the bodies of humans, electrifying enemies by ensnaring them in his snake-like tentacles, and teleporting in a flash of pure white light.

Relation to Slender ManEdit

Like Slender Man, he is always seen wearing a business suit, and has tentacles portruding from his back that he sometimes uses for transportation. However, his suit is black and red rather than black and white. Whereas the Slender Man's suit is usually portrayed as part of his body or an illusion used to blend in with human society and has never been removed in a canon series, Nergal has removed his suit on rare occasions.

He is also capable of turning people into demonic underlings called Nergalings, which are similiar to Proxies in the sense that both unwillingly become servants of the one who transformed them. However, Nergalings also have a physical transformation, while proxies usually only have a mental one.

In his first appearance in the show, Fiend is like Friend without the R, he kidnaps Billy and Mandy because he is desperately lonely. This is slightly similar to Slender Man kidnapping children, except Slender Man's motives are unknown. Furthermore, while the Slender Man is typically portrayed as a malevolent force that stalks, mutilates, and violently murders anyone he encounters, Nergal is seen as an affably evil being at best.


  • Nergal's character is most likely based off of, at least to some degree, the Sumerian God of the same name. Nergal was the Sumerian ruler of the Underworld, and god of the dark aspects of the Sun.


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