Toby and masky

Timothy "Tim" Wright or Masky was once a man who didn't care about anything until he fell for the Slender Sickness, became a Proxy that Slender Man doesn't really care about. Follow his story through painsickness, and insanity.

Masky wears a yellow jacket, black/grey jeans, black boots, and a mask that shows his eyes but the bottom of his mask doesn't show his mouth. His weapon is a crowbar or a rock show he ca

n smash his victim's head      


In the beginning, Tim wasn't a nice man. He was more a agressiveselfis

man. After getting the Slender Sickness, he was even more rude and violent. Becoming

a proxy made him even worse. He can be nice and caring sometimes, but only if you make him.

Story: Edit

Tim was driven into Slender's Sickness, which caused him to go insane; Soon, when he reached the edge of the illness, Slenderman took control of his Soul, since then Tim became Masky and also became a Proxy of him, unable to escape unless Slenderman returns his soul back. What he doesn't know is that Slenderman doesn't care about him, thus only using him as some kind of puppet that kills for him.


  • He's 27 - 28 years old
  • His catchphrase is "He is a Liar"
  • His creator is Marble Hornets
  • He has black/dark brown hair
  • He has brown eyes
  • He HATES cheesecake

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