A boy named John has nightmares about someone (like Jeff the killer) he thinks it's him at school he got bulled

his little brother (James) 's party John bullies where there and they saw him and beat him

so James will see it in his nightmare he saw a tall man with no face (Slenderman)

and a dog with a smile a horror smile (SmileDog) the dog said: spread the word John or Slender

will kill you yes i know you're name is John just like i know your brother's name is James

and your Dad's name is Peter and your Mom's name is  Tink  now spread the word

spread the word spread the WORD!!! *the beating goes everyday and night 24/7 even on Johns B-day in his

mind:when will it stop? one day* he had so much pain that Slender

turned him into a Slender and bear turn him into him and Slender said You are now the King

KingSlenderBear *but one day at school everyone i mean EVERYONE was mean to him so

... HE KILLED THEM and went with Slenderman,Smiledog and Jeff the Killer

to live at the Slender's home with Lulu and the rest they kill many many kids and KSB (KingSlenderBear)

Loved it so much than his OLD life he loved his NEW life with monsters like him

he fell in love with Lulu and became best friends with Sally hes like a Dad to all of them a brother to Sally what

happend to his family will they became creepypasta them selfs so they killed to look for KSB but they never ever find

him never so they died of sadness trying to find KSB

KingSlenderBear (KSB)